Saturday, 18 August 2012

Face Masks

I was out having a little roam yesterday and bought 3 Montagne Jeunesse face masks for £2. I love these face masks they are a little nostalgic and remind me of being a teenager out on a shopping trip and wanting to get the most out of my pocket money. I used to come home with cheap body spray and face masks!

I bought the Strawberry souffle mask, Passion peel off mask, which is pulped pomegranate and passion flower, and the deep sea mud mask. I love face masks, I don't use them often enough but I'm quite lazy and have to be in the mood for all the rinsing you have to do afterwards to get the little buggers off. I used the mud mask last night and I almost died from the heat in the bathroom whilst rinsing my face (we have a radiator that is still hot to dry the towels, which equals sauna territory in the bathroom). I did enjoy slopping the thick goo onto my face though and then walking into the living room and greeting my boyfriend looking like a creature from the deep. He found it quite amusing though and admitted he had never seen a girl in a facemask before! I love the amount you get in this sachets as well, it is more than enough for a generous application and I had so much left over that I slapped it on the backs of my hands as well rather than throw it away.

I was pleased with my little Friday night pamper session, and my skin looked and felt brighter after the mask.

I hope you all enjoyed your night too!

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