Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ruby Hammer Make-up Case

You would have seen in yesterday's post the pink case I bought at the weekend. Well here is a better look at what you get for your £45.

Make-up case
Ruby Hammer Case

There are 18 individual eye shadows in the top level

I swatched a few of them, but I ran out of room on my arm!


There are 6 eye shadow combo's and 2 blushers on level 2

4 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses & 4 nail polishes on the 3rd level

Ruby Hammer lipsticks

Ruby Hammer nail varnish

To be honest I am quite happy with the items in the case, not blown away by the eye shadows but when you get this much for £45 I don't suppose you expect them to be amazing. They are quite pigmented, and are perfect if you want a nice range of colours to play around with and create lots of looks. Some of the eye shadows are a little too similar to one another, it's a shame there couldn't have been a wider colour range. But all in all I think the case was good value for money. 

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