Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shopping and GBK

Yesterday afternoon the boyfriend and I had a little trip to a shopping center to have a little mooch and get some dinner in GBK as I was really wanting a lime milkshake. I also wanted to try out Starbucks new pumpkin spice latte as it is finally available. So we settled down for a coffee, now after all the excitement I had about this flavour coming to the UK I am a little on the fence about it now, I found it very sweet and sickly. I only ever order a small coffee because I can't finish anything larger, but I only just got past half way with the pumpkin spice because it made me feel a bit sick. I think next time I will try the salted caramel hot chocolate mmmmmm.

pumpkin spice latte

We had a stroll around and I eyed up some lovely watches, and then went into Superdrug to get one of the new MUA constellations, but they had sold out so I did the pouty lip and my boyfriend treated me to a little eye shadow compact from Famous cosmetics instead.

Then I wanted to have a look in L'Occitane, I have only recently discovered how lovely their stuff is when I got a free lip butter with a voucher a few weeks ago. When we went in I was given a glass of rose wine to drink whilst I had a look around the store and I showed my boyfriend this beautiful little old fashioned atomizer filled with rose scented shimmer powder that I had wanted since my last trip. He must have seen the excitement on my face about this product because when my back was turned he went up and bought it for me, which made me really really happy! They package their products beautifully and even fragrance the tissue paper they put in your bag which even the boyfriend was impressed with. I will show you the atomizer in another post as I feel it deserves its own.

Then it was dinner time!

Greek lamb buger

Gormet burger kitchen is great, when you order you are given glasses to go and fill up with free monkey nuts and you get free carafes of water with lemon and lime in them. The other thing I love is that I can order my burger 'naked' which means that instead of the bun they give you homeslaw and salad, which suits me as I can't really eat bread it makes me feel ill, I would much rather have the slaw and salad anyway. This time I ordered the greek lamb burger, which comes with cucumber and yogurt dressing and a dash of chilli sauce and houmous, it was super yummy! And of course I had a lime milkshake on the side. All in all the day was perfect, some quality time with my lovely boyfriend.

This morning we have hit Bobby Jo's diner again for breakfast, I had blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Very very tasty!

blueberry pancakes

The pancakes aren't burnt, it's the blueberries, they make the whole pancake blue! And look at how much maple syrup they gave me!!

Bit of a foodie post today. But I have been really spoilt the last couple of days with yumminess.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

I'm not going to do any kind of review on this Benefit palette because I'm pretty sure everyone will know what the colours and products are like, but I just wanted to show you how I wear mine and where I put the colours.

Benefit big beautiful eyes

This is what the palette looks like as you will probably know. The lightest shade is really popular with my bridal clients so you can see I have hit pan on that colour, which is kind of annoying because I have been sitting on the fence as to whether or not I buy another palette yet when I still have so much of the other 2 shades left. I don't use the boi-ing concealer because I find it way to dark for my skin and I prefer my other concealers like kyrolan or make-up forever for my clients.

Daytime make-up

Here is the finished look, nice and natural and office friendly.

Light brown eyeshadow

Here's how I did it:

Natural eye make-up

I used the lightest shade all over my eyelid, then the middle shade above my crease, I keep my eye open when doing this so I am putting the contour above my natural crease therefore making my eyelid appear larger. Then I use a tiny bit of the dark brown at a time and blow or tap the excess off the brush and keep blending it in and build it up slowly. Follow the old saying it's easier to add more than take away. I then use the flat angled liner brush to work a little of the dark brown into my lashline and under my lower lashes.

Little tip for you, if you have really fair eyelashes like me then mascara on your lower lashline can look too heavy and unnatural, and make you look a bit like you have a spider on your face. But if you want them to look darker in colour without the added thickness mascara gives, then put the flat liner brush into a tiny bit of mascara off of the wand and gently paint the lashes with it. It means that you are not coating the lashes all the way round so not adding thickness to them, you are just giving them some colour so it looks much more natural.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know what you think! : )

Products I Miss

Bit of a random post but I have been thinking today about products that I have loved in the past that have been discontinued.

First up is the Ruby and Millie range for Boots. I used to await the Boots Christmas catalogue because there would always be lovely make-up sets by Ruby and Millie. One Christmas I bought a £50 set that came in a gorgeous little cream carry case that had loads of eyeshadows, lip colours and 3 blushers. The brushes in the set were dog crap (excuse my language) but the eye-shadows were A-Mazing! 2 colours in particular that I really loved were a pale gold and a shimmery mink colour. They were massively popular with my bridal clients and within 6 months of owning the set I hat hit pan on both colours so I re-purchased them in their complete eye kit which was pretty cute.

ruby and millie

Each layer used to slide out and one was eyeshaows, and one was brow creams, and then as you can see there were brushes too. You interchange the two bottom layers so I used to have the shadows in the middle of the block. I really miss this brand as the eyeshadows were such a lovely formula and beautiful colours. The Ruby Hammer range for Debenhams isn't anywhere near as good.

The second thing I miss was a range of bodycare that Boots did years ago, this is going to be a bit vague as it was a really long time ago, something like 15 years!!! I don't remember the name but I think it may have been something like Milk, because the packaging was black and white cow print and the range smelt like milkshake, it was divine! I remember on my first trip to a big shopping mall that my friend and I were allowed to go on by ourselves we spent about an hour and a half in Boots smelling everything without being told by parents to hurry up! 

If you by chance remember this range then please let me know. Is there any products that you really miss?

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is incredibly trendy, but it's also pretty classic as well. Various points in the history of make-up have had their variation on a smokey eye, take actress'  Louise Brooks and Clara Bow in the 1920's, Marlene Dietrich of the 30's, Betty Grable of the 40's and the likes of Sofia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot of the 50's, they all rocked the smokey eye and we all know how big the smokey eye was in the 60's! It's one of those looks that keeps being reinvented and will always look glamorous.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have created a smokey eye for different clients, it is a make-up favourite yet so many people are scared to give it a go. Give it a try on a day when you are at home and don't need to go out, what's the worst that can happen, you don't like it? Take it off again, no harm done!

Nick Bunton photography

Here's a smokey eye I created on model Sarah Arnold a few years ago, it really makes her eyes stand out and look almost amber in colour. 

For a simple smokey eye you only need only 4 things, a silver/light grey shadow, a dark grey/black shadow, mascara and a black pencil liner.

Use the lightest shade of shadow all over your lid, then use a little at a time of the dark shadow and follow the crease of your eye and blend it in really well, then add just a little more on the outer corner. Use pencil liner under your eyes and in your water line and use you pinkie finger of a cotton bud to smudge it a little so it doesn't look too harsh. Add a couple of coats of mascara and your done! It really doesn't get much simpler does it? 

Once you feel more comfortable with this look you can start adding a lighter colour into the inner corner and brow bone to highlight, and even give liquid or gel liner a try. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dita Von Teese

I absolutely love burlesque, I think it is super sexy and empowering to women. When you think of modern day burlesque, who do you think of? Dita Von Teese of course!

I am so happy Dita has bought out her own make-up line, I had a look and tested a couple of bits in Debenhams a few weeks back and thought the eyeshadows were gorgeous, so pigmented and in lovely colours.

Dita Von Teese

When asked a few questions, this is what Dita had to say about her make-up style:

1. Alabaster skin is the perfect base for a vintage look. I’d never dream of getting a tan — I always wear sunscreen and put on a hat when I’m out in the sun.
2. Classic red lipstick is the most chic beauty statement a women can make. Matte lips are like luscious rose petals. Add just a touch of gloss to the centre.
red lipstick
3. In the Thirties and Forties, leaving the half-moon at the bottom of your nail was the epitome of elegance. It has now become modern and chic again.
4. For a dramatic look, I start with a neutral lid, define a line of black shadow in the crease. Finish with a sparkling white on your brow bone and eyelid.
5. I always powder my nose using pressed powder in an exquisite, jewelled compact. They are hard to find, but Estee Lauder does wonderful ones at Christmas.

Extract taken from the daily mail.

Simple Nail Art Tutorial

I have been playing around with the OPI Skyfall mini's, and decided to do a really simple nail art using 3 out of the 4 colours in the set.

You will need

nail art tools, stories of an english rose

2 nail colours of your choice and a striper, or 3 nail colours and a striping brush, and a dotting tool. I have here live and let die, and the spy who loved me, but I also used a tiny splash of goldeneye as well, and NSI Stripe Rite in shade 1035

live and let die polish, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Step one, apply a base coat if you like, then using the darkest colour (live and let die) do a v shaped french manicure by starting mid way down your nail and angling the brush towards the center of the free edge, and doing the same on the other side.

nailart, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Then with your striping brush make three lines fanning from the same base point, I bend my fingers and turn my hand towards me to do stripes facing this way. I personally find it easier than trying to flick the brush towards myself.

nail art, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Using a dotting tool dip it into your 3rd colour choice (mine was the spy who loved me) starting from the base of your lines put your first dot, then carry on placing dots in a curved line downwards towards your nail bed.

skyfall live and let die, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Don't stress about being too neat, it doesn't have to be perfect. The lines don't all have to be the exact same size or length. At this point using my dotting tool I took a tiny bit of goldeneye and smudged it over the first red dot and just around the base of the stripes to add a little bit of sparkle. Any glitter polish would work, so pick your favourite.

Then when it's all dry, I use a clear topcoat over the entire nail. Try not to skip this step as you will be surprised at the difference it makes to the overall look of your design. A top coat makes the colours appear a lot brighter.

skyfall minis, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

The finished look, I hope you like it!

This is the first time I have used the skyfall colours so it doesn't really show you how pretty they are. I will do another post with the colours painted over the entire nail another time. I really love live and let die though, it is a beautiful deep green with gold flecks and is perfect for Christmas time, so no doubt you will see a lot of it in the coming months!

One of those nail days

I am still testing out the nail bits I bought at the weekend, and decided I would try out one of the Skyfall collection today, but before I removed my current polish I wanted to play around with my green stripers.

So here is the outcome

nail art stripes

I was just messing around with them really, but thought I would show you how the colours come out. I did try and get the stripers in the background of the picture but you can't really see them so here is another:

Stripe rite

These were my bargin purchase of the weekend for only 49p each, I am now kicking myself that I didn't get one of every colour they had, never mind!
Just in case you like either of the colours, the teal colour code is 1028 and the pale green is 1035

The Obsession Continues

I love love love OPI products, from their polish to their manicure and pedicure treatments. This love affair has been going on many years now since I first tried a manicure kit of theirs that I bought at a show. The products smelt divine and worked like a dream, and I always had positive feedback about the products from my clients.

Anyway I will stop babbling now and get to the point!

so so skullicious set

How awesome is this! A lovely little set of polishes for Halloween, that comes with cute little decals to go on your nails as well. I am really loving the hi pumpkin and a rose from the dead shades and can't wait to get my hands on this set. 

This little beauty is selling on Lena White for £12.95.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bobby Jo's Diner

Nothing to do with beauty this one, but as I mentioned yesterday I was going out for dinner. I wanted to show you the delights we ordered.

I have a love affair with milkshakes, and this bubblegum flavour is one of my favourites, and it looks amazing as well.

bubblegum milkshake

So delicious, I could drink about 10! Everyone else in the diner was drinking the same, even all of the staff were enjoying a bubblegum milkshake! 

bacon cheeseburger at bobby jo's diner

My boyfriend's bacon and cheese burger with the yummiest curly fries and onion rings, and my chicken and beef enchilada.

bobby jos diner

I love american style diners, especially this one because the colours are beautiful, rather than the typical red you usually see. The staff all dress up in 1950's style as well, the waitresses wear pink button up dresses and have their hair in victory rolls, and the waiters side part their hair. Such an awesome touch!

Bobby Jo's Diner

Bobby Jo's is located in Southend in Essex, if you ever take a trip to the seaside make sure you drop into Bobby Jo's for a milkshake.

Just a quick update on the OPI lipgloss as promised, the colour is quite light but it is super shiny and has the prettiest little flecks of shimmer. Mwah!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OPI Lips and Tips

You would have seen in yesterdays post that I bought an OPI lips and tips duo at the Olympia show on Sunday. I got it in shade Cozu-melted in the sun.

Out of all the colours I got, I thought I would try this one out first as it is quite a summery colour and I am running out of time to wear it really.

So without further adue, here are the photo's.

OPI Cozu-melted in the sun, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

I loved the colour in the bottle, and I loved it even more when I put it on.

OPI Cozu-melted in the sun, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

I just think the colour is stunning, I find it hard to give it a name really. It has a pink, maybe apricot colour, that was why I described it previously as a bronzed pink and it has gorgeous little flecks of shimmer in it. I don't want to keep repeating myself and saying I love it but I really do and the picture doesn't quite do it justice. It would look amazing with dark skin, or when you have a tan.

OPI Cozu-melted in the sun gloss, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

So onto the lipgloss, it looks pretty cute in the tube with the three layers of colour. Although I never really understand how lipgloss like this works, are you supposed to try and mix it up, or do you eventually work your way down into a different colour? 

OPI Cozu-melted in the sun gloss, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Here's the swatch, it came out very similar in colour to the polish. It is a very light gloss but has the same shimmer particles which is really pretty. It also smells lovely, it has a really strong fruity fragrance which I love. I haven't tried it on my lips yet, but I am going out this evening and I'm planning on wearing it then, so will do an update tomorrow about what I think of the gloss.

OPI lipgloss, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

It has a little brush applicator which I much prefer to a sponge one as well. It has just occured to me that the polish colour is really similar to the colour of a pair of shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago, matchy matchy!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Fake Make-up

Just a quick post about this really, Kayleigh from Couture Girl wrote about her friend being conned into buying some fake MAC make-up. I also did the same thing a few years ago when I bought 4 pigments off of ebay, I only knew something was wrong with the products when I tested the colour on my hand and you could barely see it, the pots of pigments sell for quite a lot of money and are raved about by lots of make-up artists so I looked into it online and finally realised they were fake. Until that moment I had no clue there was even such a thing as fake branded make-up! It is terrible that this happens and so many people get sucked into buying these products, because like me I imagine they have no idea that fake make-up exists!

If you would like more info on how to tell a fake then pop over and read Kayleigh's post here.

Neutral Eyes

I blogged the other day about the vivo colour block palette and the neutrals I have been loving so much. So I thought I would show you a picture of how the colours come out.

vivo cosmetics, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

This look is easy to create and perfect for every day wear.

natural eye makeup, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

It could easily be turned from day to evening make-up as well by just adding a little more pencil liner, and maybe a wash of shimmery shadow over the top of what you already have.

Olympia Beauty Show

I went to the pro beauty show at Olympia yesterday in the pouring rain! Doesn't it really feel like Autumn now?

It was so busy in there, and you can imagine the kind of atmosphere you are entering when it is 99% females and a whole exhibition center full of cosmetics!!! There was pushing, and there was shoving, and there was elbows in the ribs and stamping on the feet, especially when you were in the Essie and OPI stands! I suppose that's what you get when there are nail varnishes at trade price. But I am a very happy girly as I got my little mitts on a mini's set from OPI's new Skyfall collection which is out next month.
OPI skyfall minis

They are stunning colours and I really can't wait to give them a try, the 4 colours you get in the set are goldeneye, the spy who loved me, the world is not enough and live and let die. They are beautiful festive colours and are perfect for Autumn/Winter. Keep checking back as I will be doing some swatches of these in the next couple of days!

I also picked up one of these from OPI

opi cozu-melted in the sun

This is one of the Lovely lips and tips sets, which are matching nail polish and lipglosses. I got Cozu- melted in the sun, which is a gorgeous bronzed pink colour with little gold flecks. It is such a beautiful colour and I am very excited to try out the OPI gloss!

I also picked up a few nail art bits from NSI and various other stands. 

nail art

The bottles of striping colour were a bargin at only 49p each! I am very happy with those, one of my 2 favourite colours is mint or teal green so I got one of each and they go together really well so I may do a nail art post real soon with those. I also got some glitter dust one in lemon and one in pale green and then another in neon yellow. I know it may seem an unusual colour choice, but I am really loving neon colours at the moment and I also thought they would be quite handy to have in my kit for photo shoots. The little set of gold nail art pots are really cute, it has one pot of gold bullion beads which look really lovely in nail art so am looking forward to using those as well. 

I went to a make-up seminar whilst I was there and we were given little pots of The Body Shop creams to take away, I have one of each of the rose and lemon body butter and a white musk lotion. I love The Body Shop body butters and the lemon one smells gorgeous! 

My last purchase was an airbase airbush and compressor. I have been meaning to get myself a new airbrush for a long time, as my silver jet was really old and so heavy and not very easy to cart around with me to jobs, not to mention how noisy it was. A few years ago I worked with another make-up artist on a wedding and she had an airbase compressor and I was stunned at how small and quiet it was and have really wanted one ever since. So I made a deal with myself that if the price at the show was good enough then I would get one.....

I came away from the show feeling really inspired and it just hammers it home how much I love the industry I work in. I love all things beauty, hair and make-up and feel excited to be a part of it.

We stopped off for something to eat on the way home, and ended up at Chiquitos. I was craving a milkshake last week when I went to Thorpe park with the fam, but nowhere served them so when I saw a chocolate milkshake on the menu here I was sold. Big mistake, it was basically chocolate syrup shaken with milk, I was expecting a full on thick ice-cream milkshake. I had the Cajun fish sandwich with chips and coleslaw which was delish and we couldn't resist getting pudding as we had a voucher to get them for free, it would have been rude not to. I had the fudge waffles and my friend had the chocolate sizzler, which is a brownie served in a steaming hot skillet that they pour caramel sauce into once at the table. I had been put off previously because when they pour the sauce on it smells like it just burns from the heat, but she assured me it was yummy. Then we ran screaming like banshees back to the car because it was raining so hard!

Fudge waffles

An awesome Sunday spent with a wonderful friend!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Inside Scoop

Gabrielle Louise

This weeks inside scoop is with the gorgeous Gabrielle Louise, 20 from Liverpool. 

How did you get into modelling?

I started modelling quite young, I was spotted walking through the town center by a model scout who asked me to go for a test shoot, I went with my mum, I was so nervous, after the shoot I was called back and they told me that the agency would like to represent me, I was thrilled! it all went from there really...

What's your favourite thing about being a model?

The make-up, the clothes, the flashing lights, people know who you are and are interested to know things about you

What are you currently reading?

John Grisham - law of torts, its about the criminal justice system its really interesting

What's on your ipod at the moment?

All the latest dance music, R 'n' B and of course some dubstep!

What is your all time favourite beauty product?

My pout plump lipgloss and my garnier eye roll on they are my beauty needs!

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet of course! I love anything sugary!

Gabrielle Louise

What's your favourite coffee?

Tea all the way!

Who is your fashion/beauty icon?

Audrey Hepburn she was so naturally beautiful, such a good role model for young girls

What are you currently saving for?

My new car :D

Your desert island essentials?

Mascara and my ipod, nothing sensible like a lighter

Your skincare routine?

I exfoliate my skin twice a week and wear a facemask once a week, I also make sure I take off the days makeup and wash my face and then moisturise with olay essentials before bed

Your favourite highstreet store?

Zara, I love the trendy clothes there

Top beauty tip?

Always moisturise your skin to keep it looking fresh and prevent wrinkles from dried out skin 

Your favourite thing to eat?

Pizza, totally unhealthy I know!

Your favourite cocktail?

I've just started drinking disaronno and coke, it tastes exactly like dr pepper!

Gabrielle Louise

If you would like to keep up to date with what Gabrielle is up to, follow her on twitter  or facebook.

Just wanted to add in this last pic of Gabrielle's nails, aren't they amazing!

Currently Loving

I have previously mentioned that I bought a Vivo colour block palette a few weeks ago, I have been using it a lot the last 2 weeks. The first time I used the colours was at a photo shoot I did where the client wanted the model to look like she wasn't wearing any make-up but wanted her eyes to stand out as much as possible. I used a couple of the matte beige colours from the palette and they did the trick, looked completely natural but gave some definition.

Vivo colour block, stories of an english rose

I have also been using a couple of the naturals on myself as well, I love the taupe colour (bottom right) all over my lids then the deep brown (2nd in bottom right) smudged into the outer corner of my eyes and into the socket line, I add a little black pencil liner to my lash line and use a smudger to blend it in so it's lovely and soft and it works really well with my hazel eyes without being too heavy or bold. 

I also used the teal green colour on a shoot the other day under the models eyes and it looked gorgeous, such a beautiful colour. If it seems a little scary to use something so strong in colour then why not try using it in small quantities like I did on the model. Use a flat angled brush so you can get right into the lash line and add a flash of colour under your eyes and smudge it down slightly to give a smoky look. Build up your confidence with colour little by little and wear it around the house on a day when you don't have to go out so you can get used to seeing yourself with different colours or styles on. Make-up is supposed to be fun and a form of self expression, so experiment a little to find out what works well for you. x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Classic Red Lip

Red lipstick is something that exudes glamour, it is a classic item in vintage looks and is super sexy as well. But I understand that for some people it can be a scary prospect to wear a strong red lip and you may be unsure of the perfect shade of red for you. I hope this helps you pick the perfect shade of red for autumn.

Cool red lipstick,

If you have fair skin then you should opt for a cool, blue based red it will go perfectly with a milky complexion. Something like Maybelline's Colour Sensational lipstick in Fatal Red, or MAC's sheer supreme lipstick in New Temptation. L'Oreal colour riche serum lipstick in True Red would also be another good option.

Berry red lipstick

Medium tanned skin would suit something a little warmer, more of a berry red with yellow undertones. MAC's Lady Bug would work well, as would Maybelline colour sensation in Hollywood Red or L'Oreal colour riche intense lipstick in Red Passion.

Purple red lipstick

If you have dark skin the you can carry off more purple based reds, something really deep in colour works well with dark skin and looks really beautiful. L'Oreal colour riche creme in Stick Plum would look good, as would MAC's Hang Up, or Clarins joli rouge lipstick in Plum.

If a lipstick sounds like a step too far for you and you would rather a gloss then apply the same rules to the colour selection but it won't be as intense, and is a good way of getting used to wearing more colour on your lips before taking the plunge into red lipsticks. Something like Bourjois effect 3d lipgloss would be a good starting point as it gives just enough colour but not too powerful.

Snakeskin Manicure

We all know that nail art is going crazy at the moment, gone are the days where one plain colour was considered fashionable for your fingers. Now the most cutting edge manicure you can have is a real snakeskin one!

Snakes shed their skin regularly so the dead skin is what is used to adorn your nails between 2 layers of gel and cured under a UV lamp. If you fancy this new nail craze though it will cost you dearly as it currently costs around £150 for a full set at London salon the hand and foot spa in Chelsea.

snakeskin manicure

It will set you back £160 to have your toe nails done, or £82 per toe! I have to admit I think it looks pretty stunning, even if it is a little strange to have dead skin stuck to your nails.

snakeskin pedicure

With 170 possible colour combinations you really will be able to have something unique.

What are your thoughts on this latest craze? Loving it, or a bit too weird for you?

OPI Giveaway Winner!

I held a giveaway of a set of OPI Ger-minis and today the winner was drawn! 

The winner is:

From blog Daisy Meadow


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shoot with Charlie Shaw

I wanted to share this great shot taken last week in the studio with award winning butcher Charlie Shaw.

Charlie Shaw butcher, Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

The models were dressed and made up to look the same, with matching high plaits, smoky eyes and deep burgundy lips. I really love the way this image turned out with the smoke and low lighting. 

A little bit of this and that

Bit of a mixed post today, just got a lot to babble on about really.....

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was just what I needed, 2 whole days spent away from any kind of emails, work and internet.

I had a bit of an issue at the hairdressers on Saturday, I was booked in at a different salon to the one I usually go to and had never been there before. The hairdresser doing my hair stank of a mixture of alcohol and cigarette smoke which was lovely as you can imagine, she also seemed rather concerned about being able to blow-dry my wavy hair straight without the aid of straighteners! She convinced her boss to do it for her instead. I was booked in for half a head of highlights and a cut and blow-dry; after my highlights were rinsed off I noticed the colour wasn't really what it should have been so at the point that they seemed to forget I was booked in for a cut I decided to stay quiet as I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could.

The original hairdresser had gone off on her lunch break when my hair was finished, so the guy who had done my blow-dry faffed around the salon walking back and forth trying to phone her, then faffed behind the reception desk before finally asking for payment which was clear he wasn't sure how much he was supposed to charge me. When I got home I realised that the colour had bled at the root and I had a few unattractive stripes, and then my phone rang, it was the hairdresser telling me that he had undercharged me! I was so shocked, as the amount he thought he had undercharged me by was more than I should have paid if I had had my hair cut as well! Very very unimpressed with their service and skills so will not be going back in the future and hope that my normal hairdresser never needs to go on holiday again! (yes alright that may be a little unfair on her)

We had a big family BBQ on Sunday, and I saw lots of cousins, 2nd cousins and even 3rd cousins! I ate way too much cake, as both my mum and my aunt are great at baking and provided us with 8 cakes and desserts to choose from (I had so much trouble choosing that I had more than one haha).

Yesterday my brother and I had a family trip to Thorpe Park with children and partners, and it was great fun. The last ride we went on before leaving was tidal wave and we got absolutely soaked through, so had to do a quick change of clothes back at the car before heading home.

So there you go, a little non beauty related round up of my weekend!

Now just to remind myself that this is in fact a beauty blog, a photo of my growing Vivo collection:

vivo cosmetics

And this pic is minus the 2 glosses and lipstick that I have. 

I have been using the Sugar Plum eyeshadow trio a lot recently, the purple shades go really well with my green eyes and make them look greener which I love. I am also really fond of the colour block palette, there are some lovely matte neutrals in there which are perfect for no make-up look days, and I even used them on a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.

Have you tried out any Vivo products yet?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Just a quick update

This is going to be really short and sweet, it's day 8 of using my No 7 hot cloth cleanser and I am so in love with it! After one tiny week it has made the biggest difference to my skin. The texture of my face has changed and is lovely and smooth, my pores are looking smaller and lumps and spots are calming and clearing! For a tenner per bottle I am beyond impressed with this stuff, it's amazing! I think this may spur me on to try some more No 7 goodies.....

Friday, 14 September 2012

Boxing Ring Shoot

I have some final edits back from Tuesday's shoot and thought you might like to see.

Hair & make-up by Michelle Bowers

This is the beautiful Ausra, who was a pleasure to work with and made me feel like I was about 3 feet tall when I stood next to her!

hair and make-up by Michelle Bowers

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

And another from behind the scenes: 

Michelle Bowers, stories of an english rose

Photography courtesy of Natasa Leoni.

I will show you a couple more when I get them through!