Thursday, 13 September 2012

Argan Oil

As my hair is highlighted I need all the help I can get where moisture is concerned, as the ends get very dry. My hair is also curly which adds to the moisture-less tendencies! So any product to help with that is a winner with me.

Everywhere you look at the moment you see things written about argan oil, it is being tagged as the best thing since sliced bread, so I forked out £13 for a bottle of the stuff! I have been using it on my hair when it's wet and dry and it does seem to be making it softer, my boyfriend even commented on how soft my hair was, and if a man notices something like that then you know it must be true. It comes out of the bottle looking and feeling like serum, so although it says on the back to use it on wet hair I have been smoothing fly-aways with it as well, and also on the ends of my hair to give it some shine.

So if you are faking it in the hair colour department, or you just like to singe your hair every couple of days with curlers or straighteners then this product is for you. It's also quite handy to mix with a little bit of bronzer and rub into legs for a lovely body oil.

Argan Oil

I bought this from Boots for £12.99. Argan Oil

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