Friday, 14 September 2012


I have finally got round to painting my nails, I have been feeling a bit lazy recently and seeing as my nail varnish lasts so well I couldn't be bothered to faff around changing it, so had left it be for 2 weeks. I took my polish off before bed last night and applied a couple of coats of Avon Strong Results, and then painted my nails today with OPI's Pamplona Purple.

I actually bent my nail back in my sleep the other night and it was really painful so I was dreading seeing the damage when I took my nail polish off as that sort of stuff makes my stomach go funny. It is quite bruised and looks really sore still although it doesn't hurt anymore, so it needed covering up again!

Pamplona purple

So here is pamplona purple, I really like it. That is only one coat on my nails there as well and I could quite honestly leave it be I think, well at least for now I will because I'm feeling really tired. My IBD has been getting the better of me for the last couple of days and all I have felt like doing is sleeping, so putting another coat of polish on feels like a mammoth task I will leave for later. I am also debating whether I want to put some sort of design on or leave it as a plain colour, haven't decided yet.....

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