Friday, 28 September 2012

Products I Miss

Bit of a random post but I have been thinking today about products that I have loved in the past that have been discontinued.

First up is the Ruby and Millie range for Boots. I used to await the Boots Christmas catalogue because there would always be lovely make-up sets by Ruby and Millie. One Christmas I bought a £50 set that came in a gorgeous little cream carry case that had loads of eyeshadows, lip colours and 3 blushers. The brushes in the set were dog crap (excuse my language) but the eye-shadows were A-Mazing! 2 colours in particular that I really loved were a pale gold and a shimmery mink colour. They were massively popular with my bridal clients and within 6 months of owning the set I hat hit pan on both colours so I re-purchased them in their complete eye kit which was pretty cute.

ruby and millie

Each layer used to slide out and one was eyeshaows, and one was brow creams, and then as you can see there were brushes too. You interchange the two bottom layers so I used to have the shadows in the middle of the block. I really miss this brand as the eyeshadows were such a lovely formula and beautiful colours. The Ruby Hammer range for Debenhams isn't anywhere near as good.

The second thing I miss was a range of bodycare that Boots did years ago, this is going to be a bit vague as it was a really long time ago, something like 15 years!!! I don't remember the name but I think it may have been something like Milk, because the packaging was black and white cow print and the range smelt like milkshake, it was divine! I remember on my first trip to a big shopping mall that my friend and I were allowed to go on by ourselves we spent about an hour and a half in Boots smelling everything without being told by parents to hurry up! 

If you by chance remember this range then please let me know. Is there any products that you really miss?

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