Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shopping and GBK

Yesterday afternoon the boyfriend and I had a little trip to a shopping center to have a little mooch and get some dinner in GBK as I was really wanting a lime milkshake. I also wanted to try out Starbucks new pumpkin spice latte as it is finally available. So we settled down for a coffee, now after all the excitement I had about this flavour coming to the UK I am a little on the fence about it now, I found it very sweet and sickly. I only ever order a small coffee because I can't finish anything larger, but I only just got past half way with the pumpkin spice because it made me feel a bit sick. I think next time I will try the salted caramel hot chocolate mmmmmm.

pumpkin spice latte

We had a stroll around and I eyed up some lovely watches, and then went into Superdrug to get one of the new MUA constellations, but they had sold out so I did the pouty lip and my boyfriend treated me to a little eye shadow compact from Famous cosmetics instead.

Then I wanted to have a look in L'Occitane, I have only recently discovered how lovely their stuff is when I got a free lip butter with a voucher a few weeks ago. When we went in I was given a glass of rose wine to drink whilst I had a look around the store and I showed my boyfriend this beautiful little old fashioned atomizer filled with rose scented shimmer powder that I had wanted since my last trip. He must have seen the excitement on my face about this product because when my back was turned he went up and bought it for me, which made me really really happy! They package their products beautifully and even fragrance the tissue paper they put in your bag which even the boyfriend was impressed with. I will show you the atomizer in another post as I feel it deserves its own.

Then it was dinner time!

Greek lamb buger

Gormet burger kitchen is great, when you order you are given glasses to go and fill up with free monkey nuts and you get free carafes of water with lemon and lime in them. The other thing I love is that I can order my burger 'naked' which means that instead of the bun they give you homeslaw and salad, which suits me as I can't really eat bread it makes me feel ill, I would much rather have the slaw and salad anyway. This time I ordered the greek lamb burger, which comes with cucumber and yogurt dressing and a dash of chilli sauce and houmous, it was super yummy! And of course I had a lime milkshake on the side. All in all the day was perfect, some quality time with my lovely boyfriend.

This morning we have hit Bobby Jo's diner again for breakfast, I had blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Very very tasty!

blueberry pancakes

The pancakes aren't burnt, it's the blueberries, they make the whole pancake blue! And look at how much maple syrup they gave me!!

Bit of a foodie post today. But I have been really spoilt the last couple of days with yumminess.

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