Friday, 7 September 2012

Soap and Glory

It's no big secret that I am in love with Soap and Glory's range of fabulous products! Yes I write about them all the time and spout on about how good they are, and I stand by that! I also go on about how much I love the smell of their products, well now I have a new reason to go on and on about them until your ears bleed (bear with me here) Smoothie Star deep moisture body milk! OMG, I am more than in love with this. I read about it on their site a few days ago, and whilst in Boots I went to have a look (and sniff) of the new products. It smells divine, even better than their original fragrance. The fragrance is almonds, oats and brown sugar and it basically smells like warm cookies. I wanted to try and eat the stuff, it smelt so delicious. I snapped up a bottle of this gorgeous mixture as I am running very low on the righteous butter and needed a new bottle anyway. I couldn't resist slapping a load on my arm whilst in Starry B's enjoying a coffee, and at the risk of sounding very dodgy indeed, I couldn't stop sniffing myself! Haha

Soap and glory smoothie star

Check out this little slice of heaven in a bottle.


  1. Great post! Found your through the blog hope and just stopping to say hi and am now following!! I had Inflammatory bowel disease too sweety, I know how it feel but it gets better doll!! x

  2. Thank you hun, I hope that I can raise awareness for the disease so more people might recognize their symptoms and seek help.


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