Monday, 6 May 2013

Magazine Subscriptions Rant

Now this is a little rant about something that has been bugging me for the last week. Last year I signed up for a yearly subscription with In Style magazine, I wasn't an avid reader of this magazine before but I was seduced into signing up because at the time they were offering £40 of Illamasqua make-up as a signing up gift. It does say in the small print that they gift is first come first served, so needless to say I didn't receive it. Disappointing, as I would have really loved it, but I signed up for 3 other reasons:

a) That I would get the magazine at a cheaper price
b) that it would come straight to my door every month
c) that it would guarantee that if there was an awesome freebie on the front I would get it.

So when I read in last months magazine that they were giving away a full sized Nails Inc polish I was really excited to receive mine! You can imagine my dissapointment when my magazine turned up this month WITHOUT the nail polish. The packaging was all sealed so it hadn't fallen out or been stolen, so I was left wondering what had happened. I decided to email IPC subscriptions to find out. I was shocked at their reply:

"In answer to your query regarding the covermount gifts that you have seen in store.  We do try to keep this to a minimum, but throughout the year we are approached by outside companies who want to advertise within InStyle; and request to insert covermounts/supplements in selected copies.  Due to the cost involved these are usually limited to small areas and sometimes specific stores.  If the company concerned are not prepared to cover the costs we are not in a position to insert these into our subscription copies. 

We are pleased to confirm though that the nails inc. nail varnish is to be included for our subscribers and this will be posted out to you within the next 2 weeks. "

So this raises two questions, firstly, if the polish was to be included for subscribers then why did my magazine turn up without it, because I am not convinced that they posted out a nail polish separately to every subscriber when they could have included it within the magazine packaging. So if you are a subscriber of this magazine, did you receive your polish? I honestly think that had I not emailed to complain I would have never received a nail polish at all!

Secondly, I am a loyal customer of the magazine, so why am I denied the free gifts they give away? This seems incredibly unfair and I am really annoyed about it. All magazine readers know it's a lovely little bonus when your magazine has a freebie attached to the front, it clearly helps the magazine fly off the shelves as well, often to people who may not even read it normally and will never buy it again until there is something else free with it.

They choose to take away the free gift from their subscribers who read their magazine every month, when we are really the ones that deserve a little thank you for being loyal customers!

What are your thoughts on this?

Nails Inc


  1. this is daft - glamour's gifts always come exactly as they are in the shops

    1. I was wondering about that, In style is the more expensive magazine but are too tight to give the freebie to their subscribers. I really like glamour magazine, so I might subscribe to that instead as I WON'T be renewing with In style.


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