Monday, 5 August 2013

Perfect Picnic Day

A few weeks ago I had a whole weekend off when the weather was beautiful, I spent the Saturday strolling around the shops and doing a little sunbathing, and froglet hunting in the garden. My pond has been alive with tiny little frogs and toads and they are adorable, and I have no idea why, but I find them fascinating, and love crouching round the pond trying to spot the little critters and letting them jump up and sit on my hand. 

The Sunday was reserved for my boyfriend and I to hike up to the local park and have a picnic and spend some time together. I wanted to make the picnic special and memorable, so I needed to make it look impressive.

I hit Marks and Spencer's for some posh picnic food, a sliced chorizo selection, sweet and sticky prawns, olives and anti-pasti, salmon and prawn terrine, a lovely loaf of cheese topped bread and a little bit of brie. I returned home to prepare the food and decided to display the meat, prawns and cheese on a wooden chopping board, decant the olives into a mini jar and put the salad into 2 kilner style jars to make it all look pretty.

We loaded it all up into some cool bags and strolled up to the park where I insisted that my boyfriend didn't look as I displayed the spread onto my new picnic blanket, he was very impressed with the effort I had put into the food and couldn't wait to get stuck in. 

It was an amazing afternoon and we enjoyed a little bit of music and a bottle of rose whilst laying in the sun stuffing our faces with yummy things! It's funny how something so simple can be turned into something special and amazing with a little effort to make it look pretty.

romantic picnic

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